HRM Asia’s Readers’ Choice Award 2018

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Best Corporate Healthcare Award

At Alliance Healthcare, we put our partners and patients at the heart of what we do. The trust and confidence that our partners have in us motivates us to innovate and push boundaries to create even more value for them. The attainment of the HRM Asia’s Readers’ Choice Award in 2018 is reflecting our growing strength and influence in providing corporate medical care to the HR community. We are humbled to be recognised for our strengths in our Corporate Healthcare platform and our ability to deliver Corporate Healthcare Solutions to our customers.


“All the hard work and effort put forth by all our employees has been recognised by the HR community. We appreciate our partners’ unwavering support for Alliance Healthcare.”
Dr Barry Thng
Chief Executive
“We would like to thank all our partners and HR practitioners for their recognition and endorsing Alliance Healthcare for the Best Corporate Healthcare Group award. It means a lot to us, especially for Team Alliance, both front-end and back-end where their efforts has been acknowledged. Kudos to the team and this will be a motivation for us to do better. ”
Karen Ong
Executive Vice President
“This award is not just for Alliance Healthcare, but for all of our esteemed clients and partners. The award will push us to innovate and deliver more value to create a better and meaningful workplace for everyone.”
Jeffrey Lee
Director of Business Development

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Thank you. I would like to thank all my friends and clients who have voted for us. Alliance is indeed privileged to be part of your journey to bring about better corporate healthcare solutions to your employees.

I must say that your vote and this award is important to us because it reaffirms the partnership and trust that we have built together over the past 12 years.

This award would not have been possible if not for all the good guys that I have with me. Folks, this award is for you. Good job, well done.

Last but not least, I would like to thank HRM Asia for organising this excellent event. Thank you.

Cheers to Alliance Team & HRM Asia!