Our Services

Our Services

Managed Healthcare Solutions

Alliance Medinet – One-stop Corporate Healthcare Solutions

Containing healthcare cost and improving employee’s health is now a possibility. Trusted by all the top health insurers in Singapore and over 3,000 corporate clients, FOCUS ensures your organisation gets the most benefits for every dollar invested in our comprehensive corporate healthcare solutions.

With over 1,000 medical panel clinics, claims administrative support, 24/7 member support centre, and evidence-based health programmes, we deliver cost-effective and cost-efficient care to all your employees

GP Clinic Services

My Family Clinic – Your trusted and respected family doctor 

Every family needs a good family doctor.

After more than 2 decades of being an advocate, medical advisor and friend of our patients, My Family Clinic is now one of the most trusted and respected chain of family clinics in Singapore.

We own and operate a network of 16 GP clinics, through which we provide primary healthcare services.

With the experience of serving many patients every year, we aim to transform family medicine through our best-of-breed technologies and personalisation of healthcare, offering our patients a new way of managing their health and wellness

Specialist Care Services

Specialist Care – Medical Diagnosis and Medical or Surgical Treatments of Colorectal, ENT and Orthopaedic Conditions 

Alliance is developing our in-house specialist capabilities with a team of 4 experienced specialists from 3 medical specialties in Colorectal, ENT and Orthopaedic surgeries and treatments with the span of 5 clinics serving Singaporeans and patients in the region.

Pharmaceutical Services

Alliance Pharm – Enabling access to pharmaceutical and medical supplies for clinical trials, manufacturers and doctors

 Alliance Pharm has a wholesale pharmaceutical license issued by the Health Science Authority (HSA) which allows it to undertake the wholesale distribution of pharmaceutical products to hospitals, pharmacies and clinics in Singapore including Alliance’s panel of medical services providers.

Alliance AllyCare Programme

AllyCare – A Programme That Takes Care Of Your Entire Health Continuum Needs, Supports By HeyAlly Mobile Application

We aim to provide quality and affordable care that echoes your lifestyle and needs through HeyAlly and connecting you to our wide network of clinics at preferential rates. 

With HeyAlly, you can simply see a doctor without heading down to a physical clinic.