5 Simple Preventive Measures to Reduce Corporate Healthcare Costs

Employees are the driving force behind every business. By taking good care of their health and wellness, they will certainly take care of your business and customers.

With the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and the onslaught of other health concerns, employees are aware of the importance of health more than ever. This means that they will gravitate towards companies that offer comprehensive health benefits and invest in their well-being. Companies want to provide the best for employees, especially since medical benefits are an attractive factor when it comes to joining SMEs. However, some may find that the healthcare budget can create constraints on corporate healthcare management.

If you are faced with this concern, here are 5 useful tips for SMEs and HR administrators to stretch their healthcare dollars for a win-win, cost-sensitive approach for business and employees.

1) Vaccinate Against Influenza

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is a contagious virus because it can spread easily via droplets from person to person, especially when someone with the virus sneezes, coughs, or speaks. It is one of the most common illnesses in Singapore and there are usually ongoing transmissions throughout the year.

Taking a flu shot could help fight off the virus and make employees less susceptible to flu infection and its complications. Most importantly, influenza vaccination is affordable and accessible which will help stretch corporate healthcare dollars. You can arrange for vaccination to be conducted at your premises or have it done at a medical clinic.

Apart from influenza vaccinations, My Family Clinic offers a wide range of vaccination programmes so that you can protect yourself against various illnesses and stay in good health. With clinics located across the country, your employees can easily visit the nearest My Family Clinic to be vaccinated against influenza.

Benefits of corporate vaccination (influenza):

  • Reduce influenza-related hospitalisation and death
  • Protect those who are more susceptible to complications
  • Increase herd immunity in the community to increase protection
  • Enhance protection and prevent transmission of the virus
  • Lower the number of doctor visits and medical leave due to flu

2) Conduct General Health Screening for Employees

Health screening is an important exercise to assess employees’ health status and implement plans to maintain or improve their health thereafter. It allows employees to identify their health risks and take preventive measures against any major ailments and diseases. This is especially important in the case of conditions like cancer and high blood pressure, where early detection can make a difference between life and death.

If anyone has been diagnosed with chronic disease, health screening will help them monitor their progress and keep track of their current health status. HR or employers can also take the opportunity to understand the overview of their employees’ health status and implement relevant health intervention programmes to keep their employees healthy. Preventive care management is much more cost-effective than medical treatments.

My Family Clinic recognises the importance of early detection. That is why My Family Clinic offers a selection of holistic health screening packages that are customised for different demographics. My Family Clinic also offers the Screen for Life (SFL) programme under the Ministry of Health (MOH) and Health Promotion Board (HPB). This means that if the screening is recommended by HPB, Pioneer Generation (PG) cardholders and CHAS cardholders can get access to subsidised health screening and first follow-up consultation (if required) at a low fixed fee.

My Family Clinic’s health screening packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cholesterol panel
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Diabetic screening
  • Full blood count
  • Kidney and liver function
  • Tumour markers
  • Men & women’s health

With My Family Clinic’s wide variety of health screening packages, you can address your employees’ health concerns in different areas and take preventive measures to ensure your employees remain in good health, reducing the possibility of health scares.

3) Embark on Corporate Wellness and Healthcare Programme

Corporate wellness is an important part of corporate healthcare and essential to boosting employees’ productivity. As employees spend most of their daytime creating value for the company, they may neglect their general health and well-being. Prolonged sitting or inactivity leads to a sedentary lifestyle, which can contribute to poor long-term health. This includes a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.  

Some of the initiatives such as physical activities, nutritional label literacy classes and mental wellness lessons will enhance employees’ awareness about their current health conditions and encourage them to make informed choices. If the programme is well managed, it can reduce medical outpatient visits as they become healthier and play a more active role in managing their own health and lifestyle. They will be much more motivated to work for a company that takes good care of them and will likely go the extra mile for the business.

HeyAlly, a mobile healthcare app, offers a customised corporate healthcare management programme. With HeyAlly, organisations can enjoy telemedicine benefits via the AllyTele service and lower healthcare costs at clinics. HeyAlly’s AllyStore service also provides a wide range of healthcare and wellnesses services and products. This includes programmes for weight management, lower back pain, and neck pain, which are common problems that arise in a sedentary lifestyle. Mental wellness and resilience packages are also available on AllyStore to help your employees learn how to combat stress and remain resilient during tough times.

4) Implement Workplace Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

Introducing a good workplace hygiene and sanitation practice, on top of corporate medical package, is one of the easiest ways to keep employees happy and healthy. While the pandemic has certainly raised awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and proper sanitation, these habits need to be maintained to safeguard your employees’ health and prevent the transmission of illnesses within the office.

Furthermore, ensuring excellent workplace hygiene and sanitation reflects directly on the corporate core values. Employees will be happier and more productive if the workplace where they perform their day-to-day activities is clean and hygienic. They will be healthier if the workplace does not transmit diseases.

Ways to promote workplace hygiene and sanitation:

  • Even after wearing masks indoors is no longer required, encourage employees to don a mask when feeling unwell to prevent virus from spreading
  • Clean the workstation and restrooms frequently to prevent germs and bacteria from manifesting
  • Install hand sanitisers along common corridors to allow employees to step-up personal hygiene
  • Service the air-conditioner regularly to remove allergens and dust trapped in the filter
  • Provide anti-bacterial hand soap in restrooms and washing bay to eliminate bacteria in the workplace

5) Reward Employees for Staying Fit and Healthy

Rewarding employees with both monetary and non-monetary rewards may serve as an incentive for employees to keep fit and stay healthy. Besides, it might even save the company more money. There are many ways to implement corporate healthcare and one of which, is through a flexible benefit plan. Employees can either take control of their healthcare budget or simply rely on their company for their healthcare needs.

For the former, employees can get to keep their unspent health dollars allocated to their accounts. For the latter, companies can allocate rewards based on their health and medical track record. This can also be bundled up as an employee benefits package, to be part of their employment contract for employees.

Type of reward methods to encourage employees to stay fit and healthy:

  • Flexible benefit programme
  • IPPT dollar-for-dollar reward
  • Hall of fame board/health ambassador
  • Prize presentation for the health goals achievers
  • Cash incentives

Alliance Medinet is a trusted corporate healthcare company that provides corporate healthcare solutions for over 3000 organisations. Medinet employs a FOCUS framework that offers a flexible benefits programme where employees can personalise their annual total employee benefits and coverage, including medical benefits. Medinet can also optimise your health budget with reduced administrative costs and a cost-containment model which ensures that your company gets the most medical benefits for every health dollar invested and receives the support your company needs to thrive.

It is inevitable for organisations to invest in corporate healthcare in order to attract and retain employees. However, with these 5 preventive measures, you can reduce healthcare costs as much as possible while ensuring that your employees receive the optimal medical benefits so that they can remain in good health.